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The following is a high-level overview of the steps involved when contributing code to Buz.

Developing via fork


Buz is a project written in Go 1.19. You will need it to develop and that's really it.

Required for development

Fork Buz


Clone your fork

git clone


After cding into the buz directory you just cloned, run:

make bootstrap

You should now have a local config.yml file and see console output like the following:

{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing custom snowplow routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing custom open redirect route"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing generic routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing cloudevents routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing webhook routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing pixel routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🟢 initializing squawkbox routes"}
{"level":"info","time":"2022-09-24T21:52:35-04:00","message":"🐝🐝🐝 buz is running 🐝🐝🐝"}

Running Tests

To run go test and open up a browser-based coverage report run:

make test-cover-pkg

Cut a PR from your fork back into buz main branch



If you don't see movement on your newly-created PR please ping one of the maintainers (nicely 😉).


General Help

To view all make options run:

make help

You should see something like the following:

$ make help

run Run buz locally
bootstrap Bootstrap development environment
bootstrap-destinations Bootstrap various containerized database/stream systems
build-docker Build local buz image
buildx-deploy Build multi-platform buz image and push it to edge repo
lint Lint go code
test Run tests against pkg
test-cover-pkg Run tests against pkg, output test profile, and open profile in browser
help Display makefile help

Where to go next