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Send Snowplow Analytics data to AWS MSK for free with Buz.


Buz makes it easy to collect Snowplow Analytics data and send it to AWS MSK using your own infrastructure.

Why Buz?

  • It's Free and entirely Open-Source.
  • No SaaS, DPA, MDS products, or dealing with legal necessary. Buz runs on your infrastructure.
  • Buz is a lightweight and cost-efficient way of collecting data.
  • Buz empowers teams to run their own data collection systems.
  • Buz is quick to set up and easy to maintain long term thanks to minimal moving pieces.
  • Buz is serverless-native, and automatically scales as data volumes do (including to 0).

Quickstart a local Buz stack

Want to get started quickly? The Buz Quickstart bootstraps an end-to-end streaming analytics stack using Buz, Redpanda, the Redpanda Console, and Materialize.

Deploy Buz on Google Cloud in under 5 minutes

The production-ready GCP stack includes Buz, Google Pub/Sub, Pub/Sub subscriptions, and BigQuery. It can be set up in minutes: