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What is Buz?


Buz collects, validates, and delivers schematized data to where it needs to bee.


  1. Low infrastructure means the system is easily configured, deployed, and maintained.
  2. Flexibility to collect and send event, webhook, and pixel payloads to number of destinations.
  3. Schema-based data validation and annotation helps enforce convention around how data is defined and evolved.
  4. Lightweight schema registry supports ten different schema backends. Schemas are cached for consistently-high performance.
  5. Privacy handlers anonymize or redact sensitive data at point of collection, not after it has proliferated throughout your cloud infrastructure.
  6. Empowerment not opinion. Send data to streaming infra like Redpanda, regular-old-databases like Postgres, message brokers like NATS, or interesting cloud things like Kinesis Firehose. Because you know what systems you prefer or have already built upon, not us.

When To Use Buz

You want to collect data from multiple sources and protocols using a single, fully-OSS system.

Buz collects data from:

  • Event-tracking SDK's like Snowplow Analytics (Segment and others in development)
  • Self-describing payloads
  • Webhooks
  • Pixels
  • Cloudevents

You want to send data to one or more of many destinations.

Migrating infrastructure? Need to support multiple destinations? Want to write events to Splunk and Snowflake?

Buz natively supports:

  • Databases like Postgres, Mysql, or Clickhouse
  • Streaming tech like Pub/Sub, Kinesis, or Redpanda
  • Hybrids like Kinesis Firehose
  • Message brokers like NATS or RabbitMQ
  • Indexes like Elasticsearch or Splunk

You want to implement structure and guarantees within your data.

  • Payloads are validated, annotated, and enveloped before being sent down the line.
  • Validate data in microseconds not hours after data has been collected.
  • Incremental schematization mechanisms support preexisting and future use cases.

You want to simultaneously shrink the footprint of your systems, move faster, and improve data quality.

  • Less infrastructure = less. Less headaches, less outages, less to think about.
  • Less infrastructure = more. More time, more progress, more fun.
  • Deployable in minutes on your own infrastructure. No sales calls necessary.

You want cost efficiencies and burstable scale.

You want a tool to power graceful evolution as your systems and needs change.

  • Want to collect data but don't want the overhead of streaming? Sink it to a database like Postgresql or MySQL at first.
  • Migrating cloud providers? Simultaneously sink data to both AWS Kinesis and Google Pub/Sub.
  • Want development environments that look and feel like production, but with reduced infrastructure overhead? Buz.

Next Steps

Dig into the docs to see how Buz plays with others

Check out currently-supported input protocols and output sinks, or add one to the backlog.

Or peek under the hood with Buz middleware.

Bootstrap Buz locally

make bootstrap is all it takes to get started with Buz code.

Check out the Quickstart

To rapidly bootstrap a streaming stack using Buz and Redpanda see the Quickstart.