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What is Buz?


Buz collects, validates, and delivers schematized data to where it needs to bee.


  1. Low infrastructure. Buz is designed to be easily-configured, easily-deployed, and easily-maintained.
  2. Flexible. Collect event data, webhooks, pixels, and more with Buz. Before validating and shipping it to a number of destinations.
  3. Schema-based data validation. Buz helps you enforce a set of conventions around how your data is defined and evolved.
  4. Privacy first. Buz helps you anonymize or redact sensitive data as it comes in the door. Not once it has proliferated throughout your cloud provider.
  5. Empowerment, not opinions. Buz helps you send data to streaming databases like Materialize, message brokers like NATS, streaming infra like Redpanda, regular-old-databases like Postgres, or interesting cloud things like Kinesis Firehose. Because you know what systems you like and have already built upon, not us.

When To Use Buz

  • You want to collect data from multiple sources or protocols using a single, fully-OSS system.

    • Event-tracking SDK's like Snowplow Analytics (Segment and others coming soon)
    • Self-describing payloads
    • Webhooks
    • Pixels
    • Cloudevents
  • You want to simultaneously shrink the footprint of your systems, move faster, and improve data quality.

    • Less infrastructure = less. Less headaches, less outages, less to think about.
    • Less infrastructure = more. More time, more progress, more fun.
  • You want cost efficiencies and burstable scale.

    • Buz is a fast and efficient static binary.
    • Buz is easily deployed using Google Cloud Run or Knative. Which means it can effectively scale from 0 to . Perhaps beyond?
    • Buz ❤️'s cloud provider free tiers.
  • You are sick of paying to re-process the same data using [INSERT MDS ELT TOOL HERE] when webhooks will do.

    • No MAR or quotas or prepaid compute necessary.
    • No third-party DPA's and weekly outage emails.
  • You need a system that will gracefully evolve as your needs change.

    • Want to collect data but don't want streaming overhead yet? Sink it to a database like Postgresql or MySQL to get started.
    • Migrating cloud providers? Simultaneously sink data to both AWS Kinesis and Google Pub/Sub with Buz.
    • Want development environments that look and feel like production, but with reduced infrastructure overhead? Buz.
  • You want to self-manage a data collection system with as few moving pieces as possible.

    • Buz is a single binary written in Go.
    • Buz is deployable in minutes. No engineers required.
  • You want to incrementally implement structure and contracts within your data.

    • Buz validates, annotates, and envelopes each payload before sinking it to the configured sink(s).
    • JSON Schema is default. JSON Typedef is on the way.
    • No, we do not hate protocol buffers and avro. So those might be incoming too.



To rapidly bootstrap a streaming stack using Buz, Redpanda, the Redpanda Console, and Materialize please see the Quickstart.