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Since Buz minimizes event tracking infrastructure it can be deployed quickly in unique ways.

Terraform is provided for two deployment patterns on AWS and GCP:

This terraform is meant to serve as an example but could just as easily be run in production (ask us how we know..)


AWS LambdaContainer imageYes ✅🐝Terraformed end-to-end
AWS ECSContainer imageYes ✅🐝X-arch container images
GCP Cloud RunContainer imageYes ✅🐝Terraformed end-to-end
K8sContainer imageYes ✅🐝X-arch container images
Bare metalBinaryYes ✅🐝X-arch binaries
Fly.ioContainer imageNot yet ⚠️N/AThis could be you.
Azure functionContainer imageNot yet ⚠️N/AThis could be you.
KnativeContainer imageNot yet ⚠️N/AThis could be you.