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One of the best things about Buz is how simple it is to set up. Since it is a single binary it is pretty easy to deploy almost anywhere. But Buz isn't meant to sit by itself. It collects and routes events to wherever they need to go and is meant to interact with outher systems.

There are any number of ways to successfully integrate Buz into whatever architecture you have but we want to highlight a few common ways to deploy Buz within traditional Cloud providers and how you can leverage other resources to get the most out of your Buz deployment. Again this is not the only way to get going with Buz. Feel free to swap in whatever you happen to be using and check out the inputs and outputs sections for more details on what all you can have Buz connect to.

Infrastructure Code

For Buz deployments outlined there is corresponding Terraform code. You can use the Terraform as quickstarts to get a better sense of how the various pieces relate to each other and interact with Buz or deploy the full stack yourself to help get Buz up and running in the Cloud.