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Roadmap 2023 🎯

We have five goals for 2023.

  1. Stability and transparency - robust tests, unchanging internals, and proactive comms.
  2. Increase diversity of production use cases - SIEM, infra migration, data lake management, and more.
  3. Improved developer tooling - config management, schema management, etc.
  4. Deeper integrations with the next generation of data tooling.
  5. Save more companies a significant amount of money and time.

2022 Year in Review

Buz was born on January 18, 2022 as a serverless collector for Snowplow events. It has become much more.

We quickly recognized the value in a lightweight event collector doesn't only lie in its minimal infrastructure and cost efficiencies, but also in its flexibility, its openness, and its first-class support of pre-existing infrastructure preferences.

Buz has grown to support:

  • Five event protocols, all of which have payload validation and annotation capabilities.
  • Twenty event sinks ranging from Postgres, to streaming tech like Redpanda, to message brokers like NATS.
  • Ten schema registry backends ranging from cloud object storage, to RDBMS's, to document stores.
  • A lightweight onboard schema registry. (Yet-another piece of consolidated infrastructure™)
  • Serverless, hybrid-cloud deployments. Which are terraformed for anyone to use.
  • Piles of operator-friendly mechanisms including middleware, onboard statistics, dedicated sinks, incremental schematization and more.
  • A friendly envelope that gets out of the way but is key to downstream utility. The first one sucked - we fixed it.

(with more on the way)

Buz 2022 misc:

  • >100k LOC written (or removed)
  • >250 issues closed
  • >90 releases
  • Double-digit microsecond payload validation
  • 0 to >30k rps in the AWS Lambda free tier
  • Powers numerous (diverse) production systems.

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