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Send Snowplow Analytics data to Google Pub/Sub for free with Buz.


Buz makes it easy to collect Snowplow Analytics data and send it to Google Pub/Sub using your own infrastructure.

Why Buz?

  • It's Free and entirely Open-Source.
  • No SaaS, DPA, MDS products, or dealing with legal necessary. Buz runs on your infrastructure.
  • Buz is a lightweight and cost-efficient way of collecting data.
  • Buz empowers teams to run their own data collection systems.
  • Buz is quick to set up and easy to maintain long term thanks to minimal moving pieces.
  • Buz is serverless-native, and automatically scales as data volumes do (including to 0).

Quickstart a local Buz stack

Want to get started quickly? The Buz Quickstart bootstraps an end-to-end streaming analytics stack using Buz, Redpanda, the Redpanda Console, and Materialize.

Deploy Buz on Google Cloud in under 5 minutes

The production-ready GCP stack includes Buz, Google Pub/Sub, Pub/Sub subscriptions, and BigQuery. It can be set up in minutes: